Takeshi Kimeda

Kimeda shihan (9th Dan AYF) is the Chief Instructor of Aikido Yoshinkai Canada and the most senior teacher of Yoshinkan Aikido in the world. He was born in Tokyo in 1941. He began his study of Aikido at Meiji Gakuin University under Takashi Kushida sensei. He became the captain of the university Aikido club, and at the time of his graduation he had been awarded the 3rd Dan.

Shortly after his graduation, Kimeda shihan arrived in North America and began to lay the foundations for Yoshinkan Aikido on this continent. He subsequently returned to Tokyo to live and train at the Hombu (headquarters) Dojo of the Yoshinkan, before returning to and settling in Toronto.

Kimeda shihan continues to teach Yoshinkan Aikido. He has been instrumental in bringing virtually all of the top Yoshinkan instructors to Canada to share their experience with his students. He has also been instrumental in bringing hundreds of students to the black belt level. He is considered by many as the father of Yoshinkan Aikido in North America. He continues to be intimately involved with the affiliate dojos of AYC; including, Aikido Yoshinkai Ottawa.

AYO weekend training clinic with Takeshi Kimeda sensei