What Can Students Expect?

At Aikido Yoshinkai Ottawa, we encourage students to develop at their own pace. We provide a supportive learning environment that is respectful and non-competitive. Classes include students of different ages (14+) and skill levels practicing together in a cooperative manner. This type of training allows our students to realize the many mental and physical benefits of regular Aikido training.

We are dedicated to helping you develop a strong mind and body through the study of Yoshinkan Aikido. As a student, you will learn powerful and effective self-defense techniques. As you gain confidence and increased skill in the techniques, you will find yourself developing a sense of centered calm. This feeling of centred calm and confidence is one of the great benefits of modern martial arts training.

In addition to our regular practice sessions, AYO usually hosts two weekend training clinics a year taught by some of Aikido Yoshinkai Canada’s most senior instructors. Membership in AYC and AYF also provides opportunities for students to attend training seminars taught by some of the top Yoshinkan instructors in the world.