Aikido Yoshinkai Ottawa


Students of AYO demonstrating Yoshinkan Aikido at the Embassy of Japan

Aikido Yoshinkai Ottawa was founded in 1993, and has been located in the Takahashi Dojo since 1994. The goal of Aikido Yoshinkai Ottawa is to provide world-class instruction in authentic Yoshinkan-style Aikido. All of our black belts are certified through the Aikido Yoshinkai Foundation in Tokyo, Japan. We are also a member school of Aikido Yoshinkai Canada. All of our black belts have had the opportunity to train at the headquarters of Yoshinkan Aikido in Tokyo, Japan.

At Aikido Yoshinkai Ottawa, we encourage students to develop at their own pace. Classes include students of different ages (16+), genders, and skill levels practicing together in a cooperative manner. This time-tested way of training allows students to realize the many mental and physical benefits of regular Aikido training.

As a student of AYO, you will learn powerful and effective self-defense techniques. These are the same techniques that are taught to members of the Japanese Riot Police and of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. As you gain confidence and increased skill in the techniques, you will find yourself developing a sense of centered calm. This feeling of centered calm and confidence is one of the great benefits of modern martial arts training.