Aikido Yoshinkai Ottawa


Aikido Yoshinkai Ottawa (AYO) was founded in 1993 by students of Takeshi Kimeda shihan (9th Dan) and Takafumi Takeno shihan (9th Dan). The goal of Aikido Yoshinkai Ottawa is to provide world-class instruction in authentic Yoshinkan-style Aikido. All of our instructors are Japan-certified through the Aikido Yoshinkai Foundation in Tokyo. Aikido Yoshinkai Ottawa is also a member school of Aikido Yoshinkai Canada. The Chief Instructor of AYC is Takeshi Kimeda shihan (9th Dan AYF), the most senior Yoshinkan Aikido teacher in the world.

Training at AYO follows the same principles of traditional Japanese reigi, or etiquette, that are followed in Yoshinkan dojos throughout Japan. Classes typically begin with a brief period of seated meditation, in order to clear the mind and prepare it for practice. Seated meditation is followed by warm-up exercises similar to those practiced in Yoshinkan dojos throughout the world. Warm-ups are followed by repeated practice of the basic movements (kihon dosa) of Yoshinkan-style Aikido. Repeated practice of the basic movements helps students to develop the strong center line and ability to generate focused power that are characteristic of Yoshinkan Aikido.

The majority of class time is devoted to practice of basic and advanced techniques with partners. These are the same techniques that are taught to members of the Tokyo Riot Police and of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. Practice with partners allows students to learn the fundamental Aikido principles of blending with an attack and of guiding the opponent’s force and momentum.