Let’s Get Clinical: 7 Tips for a Meaningful Aikido Clinic

Chris Johnston Sensei and Paul Gagliano Sensei (Aikido Shindokan dojo) recently made a trip up to AYC Ottawa to deliver a Kigami Biraki clinic. Although I couldn’t join in the trip to visit Hans De Groot Sensei, the event inspired me to reflect on some of the clinics I’ve attended, with guest teachers from Vancouver,Continue reading “Let’s Get Clinical: 7 Tips for a Meaningful Aikido Clinic”

Kihon Dosa: The Basics of Basics

In Yoshinkan Aikido, the Kihon Dosa are considered to be a distillation of the key physical skills and principles inherent in everything we do.  They include:  Tai no Henko, Hiriki no Yosei, and Shumatsu Dosa.  Each of these has a #1 and a #2, so this gives 6 movements altogether.  They can be performed solo or in pairs.  The #1Continue reading “Kihon Dosa: The Basics of Basics”

Meditation and Aikido Training – Combating the “Four Sicknesses”

In my previous blog post I spoke about how to perform a basic breath meditation circuit. This time I would like to look at how this type of breath training is relevant to Aikido training. Developing a relaxed breathing pattern is the only way to connect your mind with your body to allow them toContinue reading “Meditation and Aikido Training – Combating the “Four Sicknesses””

Agatsu – Mindfulness in Martial Arts

One of the martial arts terms that has always resonated with me is “Agatsu”. A term that has much to do with mindfulness in martial arts and unlocking the real power in our training.   I remember discovering the term at the beginning of my Aikido studies , when I was devouring all the informationContinue reading “Agatsu – Mindfulness in Martial Arts”